iPhone QLab Remote

Control GO, Stop All, Load, Cue up, Cue down, and Reset All

How to Use QLab Remote

1. Download QLab and install.

2. Download iPhone remote v 0.9.21 and install.

3. Download QLab v.1 Remote
Download QLab v.2 Remote
unzip and place the remoteQLab.tpp file here:

/YourUserName/Library/Application Support/ iPhone Remote/Apps/QLabremote.tapp

4. Run iPhone remote

5. Have a QLab workspace open with cues

6. On the iPhone log-on to your computer (hint https:// don't forget the "s". Need the address? Then in iPhone remote, click on "iPhone Remote" from the menubar, click on "view web page", and copy that address on the iPhone.

7. on the iPhone click on the QLabremote icon and have fun controling QLab from your phone or remote computer.



QLab Copyright © 2005 - 2009 Figure, 53 LLC

RemoteQLab v.1.0 Dave Mickey 2007

QLabRemote2 v.1.0 Dave Mickey 2009